Content Planner 3.0

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Elevate Your Social Media Game with our Exclusive Template Designed for Creators

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Unlock the full potential of your creative journey with our specially crafted template tailored for influencers, vloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and more. Seamlessly blend the artistry of content creation with the organization of professional management, all within the dynamic framework of Notion.

Effortless Content Planning and Organization:

  • Harness the power of Notion to manage every facet of your business without compromising your creative spark.
  • Effortlessly organize and reuse your resources, ensuring a streamlined approach to content creation and campaign management.
  • Establish a robust content strategy and crystallize your uniqueness as a creator with clear and comprehensive guidelines.

What you will discover inside:

Social Media Database:

Access all your social network platforms with essential information guiding your content production, including target audience, SEO optimization, content types, and more.

Content Planner:

Strategically plan your upcoming posts, complete with a community engagement calculator. Verify content readiness through a comprehensive checkpoint table before hitting the publish button.

Campaign Planner:

Efficiently organize online advertising campaigns, with integrated financial transactions for precise tracking of expenses and revenues.

Comprehensive Content Strategy:

Follow a step-by-step content creation strategy designed for lasting success.

Collaboration Manager:

Organize sponsorships and related transactions effortlessly.

Email List Database, Finance Hub, and Objectives and Key Results:

Streamline your communication, financial tracking, and goal-setting in one centralized hub.

Vision Board and Brand Guideline:

Express your creativity through a vision board and define your artistic direction with a comprehensive brand guideline.

Persona and Roadmap:

Craft the ideal profile for your creations and set short and long-term goals with a detailed roadmap.

Supercharge your creative process, stay organized, and achieve your goals with this all-in-one template. Level up your content creation journey now! 🚀✨

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Version 3.0 - Last Notion updates (2024)

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Content Planner 3.0

25 ratings
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